WTA Shows Off The Beauty of Athleticism

The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) has always had to walk a fine line between focusing on the seriousness of the sport and the beauty of its players. Fans definitely watch for both reasons, so ignoring either would be a bad call. But how do you balance both?

The answer is found in the WTA’s Strong is Beautiful campaign. There’s no doubt that this ad, which launched the campaign, has a lot to say about the looks of WTA players. These are gorgeous women being celebrated for their bodies. But not for adhering to the typical media standard of beauty. Instead, the ad celebrates strength, power and athleticism, and shows us just how beautiful those things are. When’s the last time you saw a woman showing off her amazing biceps in an ad? It just doesn’t happen.

Kudos, WTA. I love it, and so do several hundred thousand YouTube viewers.

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