Wren Shares First Kisses With the World

First kisses have a sort of magic—marking that moment when two people go from being near-strangers to something more. But what happens if they’re truly strangers before that moment?

That’s what fashion label Wren tested when it released the video First Kiss to promote a new line. The brand, and director Tatia Pilieva, brought together 20 strangers, paired them together, and asked them to kiss. The result? Just as magical as the start of any new relationship.

The video perfectly captures the awkwardness and excitement of a first kiss, and we’d be shocked if sparks didn’t fly between at least a few of these momentary couples. First Kiss has been shared far and wide, picking up over 30 million views in three days so far. There’s been some pushback since viewers realized that the film was actually an ad, but that hardly takes away from its beauty.

The Telegraph has more on the making of First Kiss, but first, check out the whole thing right here:

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