Volkswagen Talks Smiles, not Miles

Do you have fond memories of your very first car? When you take a car home for the first time, does it feel like a special occasion? Those are the memories automobile marketers dream of—and they would very much like you to think about brands when you think about cars.

The most recent to take this route is Volkswagen, with it’s Why VW campaign. It asks VW drivers to tell the stories that come with their cars. The good memories, the family trips, the love affairs that start when you drive off the lot—all of it. And its customers are obliging, posting stories, videos and photos for the world to see, many of which could be printed as straight testimonials. The campaign site is pretty cool, presenting a mix of user contributed content and official marketing material in an infinite canvas of Volkwagen love.

The really cool part is the video the company is using to direct fans to its site, though. It’s not the miles, it’s how you live them, as it says. The video if filled with joyful laughter, so much so that it’s hard not to crack a smile yourself. Give it a watch—you might be able to check it out without laughing, but it’s a lot more fun to just go with it.

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