Volkswagen Strikes Back for Super Bowl Gold

Remember that day around a year ago when a certain video glorifying the dark side made it big? Like 30 million views big? When was that?

Oh, right. The Super Bowl.

It remains to be seen whether Volkswagen’s 2012 ad will pull off the same kind of popularity. In the meantime, the company has been hyping folks up with a pre-game ad for their game ad. Yeah, that’s a thing people do. And it works: the teaser has over 10 million views. It ties last year’s Star Wars theme in with this year’s canine theme.

Our bet for the Super Bowl? The new ad won’t do as well as the old one. It’s up online already and it lacks lil’ Vader’s charm. But the jury’s still out, so for now let’s enjoy the tried and true teaser. And click through for the game day ad if your interest is piqued.

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