Vodafone Brings Racing to Fashion for Views

Vodafone’s VIP program reaches out to two distinct markets: those who love Formula 1 racing and those who love fashion. Vodafone VIPs can win exclusive trips to fashion shows, races and behind the scenes opportunities. But how to advertise to both those markets when there’s fairly little overlap?

Apparently there’s no need for tailor-made solutions. Instead, Vodafone skipped caution entirely and just joined the two together. I’m sure drivers have shown up in fashion ads before, but I can’t think of any other Formula 1 fashion shoot ads. We might see more going forward, though, since this one has done ridiculously well. Over 6 million viewers have watched it to date, and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Watch here, as Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1’s Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button take on the challenges of the fashion world:

  • Anonymous

    What a great sounds..!! It is really interesting that they have made challenge for fashion. It reflect on their existing customer. 

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