Tomb Raider Goes on a Viral Treasure Hunt

Sometimes a promotional partnership makes so much sense that you have to wonder why it hasn’t happened earlier. So it is with the team up between Crystal Dynamics and for the promotion of Tomb Raider, an upcoming reboot of the classic game series.

A little background: Tomb Raider is a game that’s ostensibly about exploring the world and seeking out lost treasures. Geocaching is a popular pastime that sees participants trading GPS coordinates to secret, hidden caches that they can find and track. These often contain small trinkets that are passed around through the geocaching community, making it the the next best thing to a massively popular global treasure hunt.

So Crystal Dynamics, Tomb Raider’s developer, is planning a treasure hunt of its own to build up excitement for the launch of its game. The hunt will be organized through, reaching the millions-strong geocaching community. And Groundspeak, the backers of, will get a chance to promote the site and latest photo-based adventure project, Geocaching Challenges, to the gamers anxiously awaiting Tomb Raider. It’s a match made in heaven for a promotion that’s sure to be wildly successful.

And just so we don’t leave you without a video this week, here’s a brilliant one for LG’s new TV line that’s best presented without comment. Just make sure to watch the whole thing:

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