Tipp-Ex Rewrites Web Advertising

If you’re a reader from outside Europe, chances are high that you’ve never used Tipp-Ex corrective fluid. Until a couple weeks ago, you probably hadn’t heard of the brand.

That’s all changing. Three weeks ago, Tipp-Ex uploaded a rather innovative YouTube ad. Since then, the ad has hit 7 million views (and it’s just now beginning to get serious media coverage), and the company’s YouTube channel has received over 12 million views.

It starts with a simple YouTube video that makes use of the site’s Annotation feature to launch into a “Choose Your Own Adventure” type scenario. But we’ve seen that before, from Samsung and others. The cool thing is the follow-up, which puts the viewer in control of the ad.

Here’s a link to the original video, but please be warned, the audio is not work safe. There’s quite a lot of swearing in it. You can skip this part of the ad without missing too much of the experience – here’s a link directly to the second half, which doesn’t contain any questionable language as far as we’ve found. We tried “eats” as a fun follow-up, but you’ll see for yourself.

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