Telus Teaches Cellphone Courtesy While Dove Teaches Self-Esteem

725telusI’m as guilty as the next person of spending most of my time viewing the world through my smartphone, so you could say Canadian telecom Telus’s new campaign resonates. For Cellphone Courtesy Month, the company is asking everyone to #KeepItInYourPants.

Telus has been taking comments online using that hashtag, asking for folks who are similarly frustrated by people who just can’t put their phones down to chime in. It’s taking cute, funny sayings like “Try not Tweet when you’re crossing the street” and “Weddings are celebrations. Keep it on vibration,” turning them into eminently sharable little graphics, and letting them loose online.

It’s also sharing popular anti-phone memes and clever bits of low-tech design like a service-blocking phonekerchief.

Now, we wouldn’t leave you without a video this week, so here you go: the follow-up to Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches, the short, extremely sweet Camera Shy.

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