SOS Barnebyer Asks If We’d Help a Freezing Child

Sometimes it’s hard to see the kindness in people unless it’s right in front of you. Sometimes it’s just as hard to see their suffering.

SOS Barnebyer has gathered over 12 million views highlighting both those things for a very good cause. Using a hidden camera, the charity filmed what happened when people in Oslo, Norway saw a freezing child on a cold day. Using a volunteer (who was reportedly never in any danger from the cold), the charity watched as people stopped, checked in to make sure the child was safe, and more often than not gave away their jackets, gloves or scarves—anything to see the little boy warm again.

The ad isn’t just intended to show off how kind people can be to one another. It explains that children in Syria are freezing too, and that they need help even though they’re not right there in front of us. It encourages viewers to donate to SOS Children’s Villages, which are sheltering children in Syria and providing winter jackets, blankets and foods to children and families in need.

Over the course of the campaign the charity has raised over 2 million Norwegian kroner for the cause.

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    Interesting idea.

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