Sony Fires the First Shot of the Next Console War

This week’s viral ad may take some explanation. This year, both Sony and Microsoft are preparing to launch their next generation of game consoles, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Microsoft announced details first, moving to a mostly digital game distribution system that would make it so people couldn’t really share games with their friends any longer without jumping through quite a few hoops.

With gamers everywhere waiting to see whether Sony would place similar restrictions on their next generation games, the company released this video during their press event at E3, the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo. Impromptu, succinct, and great at getting the point across.

It’s not likely that Sony considered the ability to hand a disk from one person to another a key selling point of its new console. Because it was paying attention to the buzz online and was agile enough to react, it scored itself millions of views and coverage across major media outlets worldwide.

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