What’s Your Secret?

11193m_1.gifHere’s an odd question: Do you have a dirty little cleaning secret?

3M Canada has launched a contest that asks Canadians for their dirty little secrets. Do you turn the sofa cushions over to hide stains, or re-use utensils that you’ve dropped on the floor? Apparently 3M wants to hear from you, and give you the chance at a $20,000 kitchen makeover.

The contest has a great website, with video content and Facebook integration. It’s part of a partnership with the Food Network and Home and Garden TV.

But what about the secrets? It seems like the juiciest tidbits 3M has managed to dredge up involve a nation deeply guilty over leaving a bit of dirt behind the toilet, or failing to clean the house enough before the cleaning lady arrives. It’s a contest with a lot of potential (the internet is, after all, a hotbed of chronic oversharers), but I can’t help but wonder if they’d have generated more interest by asking for people’s secret cleaning tips, or dirty secrets from other parts of their lives. This might be an idea to build on.

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