Samsung Brings Us Messages from Space

Want to get a lot of attention for your mall? You could try what more and more tech companies are doing these days: send something to space.

It might be a bit of a budget killer, but Toshiba and Samsung have both climbed on board. We showed you Toshiba’s space chair earlier last year. Now Samsung is sending some of its products to the stratosphere. It’s a campaign that’s certain to get a lot of love from the younger set. Are tech-savvy kids a good target for a viral campaign? We’ll find out, but things are going well so far.

The premise is simple and fun. Samsung is collecting files from fans (music, text, images, videos – any small file) to be uploaded onto 100 SD memory cards . Then it will take those SD cards up to the upper atmosphere and release them in 100 paper airplanes. Samsung hopes they’ll fall to earth and be found by people around the world, who will follow included instructions and visit the campaign’s website to mark their locations.

For the older set, Samsung’s also released a video documenting the destructive (and creative) lengths it goes to to test its SD cards. Check it out here.

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