Samsung and Freddy Wong Make A Film

Trying to reach a community online? You might want to take the example Samsung has provided: find the people that community cares about, and turn them into brand ambassadors.

Samsung gave gamer hero/filmmaker Freddy Wong a Samsung Galaxy S II to play with, and asked him to make a video. So he did. Eight million views later, I think we can say they chose correctly. The video shows off Wong’s surreal style that often merges games with reality, and it reaches out to his community. The video was posted on his channel, it advertises his projects, so it’s entirely authentic. There’s just one little plug for the Galaxy S II, and that will probably be a pretty big inspiration for the folks who look up to Wong. Brilliant, no?

The video itself is geared toward the gamer crowd, but if you’re interested you can give it a look below.

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