RSPCA Hits Facebook Gold

You know how games like Farmville are very, very popular? They’re also incredibly successful from a financial standpoint. Zynga, Farmville‘s creator, brings millions of dollars in every quarter.

The way they do this is by selling currency in their games, currency that can be used to speed up game’s timers or buy special virtual items for the games. Whether or not it’s a practical way to spend money, plenty of folks do it and love it. But what if you could get your social game on while giving money to a much better cause than lining Zynga’s full pockets further?

Brilliantly, someone’s taken that idea and run with it: the RSPCA. They’ve created an animal shelter simulation for Facebook, and set it up with the same popular monetization model that works so well for Zynga’s game. The best part is that RSPCA Rescue Shelter is a good game. Not that Farmville isn’t, but often games made for a cause don’t quite make the fun cut. This one does. And with any luck, it will inspire people to buy plenty of PAWS, with proceeds all going to the RSPCA.

Now, we don’t want to leave you without a video to take a break with this week, so here’s a terribly cute German ad for McDonalds, created by DDB Tribal Group:

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