Red Bull Takes its Campaign to Space

You’ve probably gone to pretty great lengths to promote your center, but Red Bull has raised the bar—all the way to space.

On October 14, Red Bull did something pretty incredible: it sent a man to the edge of space. Felix Baumgartner took a balloon up 128,100 feet into the stratosphere. From there, he jumped, reaching an estimated speed of 1342 km/h and breaking the speed of sound. Quite a feat for one man in freefall, and also an impressive world record.

For 4:22, Felix plummeted toward the earth without opening his chute, and as he did millions of viewers looked on from the edges of their seats. Some looked on extra carefully, as Red Bull was running a contest: the entrant who guessed closest to Felix’s landing position won a Zenith El Primero Stratos Flyback watch. And imagine the fear and excitement Red Bull’s marketers must have been feeling watching the jump—perhaps lower stakes campaigns are okay too.

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