Red Bull Gives YouTube Viewers What They Want

Danny MacAskill is a bona fide YouTube sensation. His biggest hit has over 22 million views, and it’s far from his only popular video.

So its no surprise that advertisers have tried to tap his success. We covered one such attempt about a year ago, but it didn’t really take off, picking up fewer than half a million views. Now Red Bull has sponsored another video from MacAskill, and things are going much better, with over 3 million views in two weeks.

The difference? Red Bull produced a short film, not an ad. In fact, the 7 and a half minute film only references Red Bull twice: in the film’s credits. Only the most committed of viewers will be pointed toward Red Bull’s exclusive Q & A with MacAskill.

So does this benefit the company at all? We’ve seen several videos like this over the years, that either hide their connection with a brand or downplay it. Most of them are far more successful than clearly branded ads tend to be, with regards to hits, at least. But do they help sales, or even brand exposure? The numbers just aren’t there.

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