Pizza Hut is Out to Discover New Talent

Here’s a few buzz words that have dominated the viral video stage for the past few years: social, crowd-sourced, and the Super Bowl. All good ways to build some serious viral buzz, and all present in Pizza Hut’s latest campaign. Oh, and one other thing it has that tends to be pretty popular on the Internet? One-upmanship.

You’d think Doritos would have driven the crowd-sourced Super Bowl ad thing into the ground by now, but we’re finding this Pizza Hut campaign oddly refreshing. Here’s how it works: the chain has posted an ad for the campaign featuring a lengthy jingle as performed by a young musician, complete with printed lyrics. Fans of Pizza Hut can try to top the ad by taking those lyrics and recording themselves singing them, either via webcam on Facebook or uploaded to YouTube.

Not only will the singers of the six best renditions have a chance to compete to record the song for a massive television audience, but the first thousand eligible entries will get a coupon for a free $10 pizza as part of the $10 Any Pizza promotion the chain is marketing with the ad.

In return, it gets thousands of viral opportunities to make us hungry – from the original track, which actually sounds quite nice and fresh, to the videos entrants will share with their friends in hopes of garnering votes, to the final ad airing in the pre-game show. Clever indeed.

(via Mashable)

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