Pepsi Max Makes an Unbelievable Bus Shelter

Bus shelter ads used to be the domain of captive audiences—unless you brought a book, there wasn’t really much else to look at while you waited. Now that nearly everyone carries a world of entertainment in their phones, it’s a little harder to capture transit users’ attention.

Pepsi Max has solved that problem by giving its audience ads they simply can’t look away from. The brand turned a London bus shelter’s wall into an augmented reality window to the outside world, so passers-by could be abducted by aliens, meteors could fall and tigers could go scrolling by.

The “window” was marked with subtle Pepsi Max branding, but the reverse side was a full-sized ad—so every time a curious viewer wanted to see how the trick was done, they’d be shown just who was responsible.

It’s such a clever idea that we can’t wait to see what other brands might do with similar tech.

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