Pepsi and Red Bull Do the Harlem Shake… Videos

By all rights, the Harlem Shake meme should be dead. It’s been hanging around since the start of February, and has burned through good will faster than last year’s Gangnam Style and Call Me Maybe combined. Now, however, the brands are in on it.

We can’t even begin to explain the origin of the meme—we’ll leave that up to Fader with all its NSFW language. The important bit to know is that the combination of song and dance went insanely viral last month, to the tune of thousands of new videos every day.

Pepsi got in on the action a couple weeks back, bringing in NASCAR superstar Jeff Gordon to take the lead on its Harlem Shake video. A few days later, Red Bull dived in—literally—trumping everyone else with a Harlem Shake skydive. Both videos have views in the millions, and no one seems to mind that the meme is getting a little stale. They’re not the only brands to get in on the craze, but they may be the most successful.

Here’s Pepsi’s take:

And here’s Red Bull’s:

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