Truly Personalized Advertising from Old Spice

We wrote about the Old Spice ad campaign recently, but on the heels of their last ad, they launched an effort that got the attention of both a huge portion of the internet and the mainstream media.

Isaiah Mustafa (the ‘Old Spice guy’) got together with a small team from Wieden + Kennedy in a Portland Studio. With a small budget and a day to kill, they put together 187 videos in response to comments from the social web – Facebook and Twitter, mostly. Some went out to individual fans who asked questions the team could run with, and many were addressed to celebrities who’ve made themselves homes online, like Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, and Alyssa Milano. Big names on the web also got nods (Perez Hilton, Anonymous, Kevin Rose), and a few brands got in on the party as well, including Starbucks and Gillette (in a clever bit of cross-marketing).

At the time of this posting, the videos range from 40 thousand views to nearly 3 million. Very little planning or scripting went into the process, and some responses went up within minutes of the team receiving the question or comment. A four-video series charts a sweet (though one-way) flirtation between Mustafa and Alyssa Milano as she responded to his videos on her Twitter account. And at the end of the day, a tired-looking Mustafa filmed a farewell for all his fans that we’ll include here. But be sure to click through and watch some of the videos on the Old Spice channel (under “Responses”). They’re a great example of what a creative and courageous marketing team can get up to.

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