Old Spice Saves the World

I know, I know—it’s the holidays. Who has time for games? On the other hand, who are we to doubt Wieden and Kennedy? They’ve turned the Old Spice brand to gold, and it’s hard to disagree with results.

This is no ‘Old Spice Guy’ – this is Dikembe Mutombo’s 4 1/2 Weeks to Save the World. Intrigued?

This is the brand’s attempt to capitalize on the end of the world mania that surrounds December 21st. With tongue firmly in cheek, the brand posits that the end is coming, and only Dikembe Mutombo can save the day. With the help of Old Spice, of course. Each week leading up to that fateful day, the team is bringing out a new game to play, one that will somehow help save the day.

It’s a bizarre concept, but then the brand has made a killing off the bizarre. Significantly more interesting is how they’ve made it happen. Polygon spoke with the developers of the games about their process, and it’s a great look at how quickly good things can come together when everyone is left to make the best of their own expertise.

Here’s the game’s intro. If that doesn’t convince you to help Old Spice save the world, well, you’re likely not part of the audience Wieden and Kennedy is aiming to reach.

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