Nokia and Alamo Drafthouse Score Viral Hits

Pink has long been marketed to women, whether we like it or not. Right from Barbie on up, we’re given pink clothes, pink accessories and pink electronics, so it’s no surprise that Nokia is marketing its N8 Pink phone to the ladies. That said, the company is going about it in a pretty unique way that isn’t all sugar and spice.

Instead, they’ve used the ubiquitously pink Barbie in a pretty creepy/edgy tribute to Lady Gaga. I’m talking twisted around heads, cell-phone bras and trippy imagery. It’s not quite enough to make me want a pink phone, but I certainly don’t feel pandered to. Good job, Nokia:

There’s another big viral ad this week, for the Alamo Drafthouse, an independent movie theatre. The company wasn’t expecting a huge response, but nearly 2 million views have proved them wrong. All Alamo Drafthouse did was publish a voicemail left by an angry customer, wrap it with its logo and fancy it up with some nice typography, so why is it so successful? Pure schadenfreude. I’m going to link it here with the warning that it contains some extremely foul language. If you’re okay with that, it’s very funny, but if you’d rather keep it clean, don’t click this NSFW link.

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