Nike Debuts the Stars of Tomorrow

As if we needed any more evidence, Nike has proven once more that it knows how to craft an ad. Check this out—a short film showing off some of the up-and-comers of the football world pulls in over 14 million views in less than two weeks. And it keeps viewers coming back for more.

The ad itself is masterful, worth a watch whether or not you have any love for the sport. But it’s the second part that’s particularly neat. Once the ad runs out, viewers are linked to Nike Football’s YouTube page, where they can watch the video again with a new goal: meeting the players, coaches and trainers one-on-one. Any time someone is highlighted viewers can tap to learn about them, follow them on social media sites and more. And at certain special moments, they can pull free of the action and show off some of the secrets of these stars.

The whole thing is a followup to The Chance, a contest that brought 16 hungry young footballers together under Nike’s tutelage. The video? Something of a world premiere.


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