NAB Puts Honesty on the Big Screen

The National Australia Bank believes in the rewards of honesty. But just in case honesty isn’t its own reward, it set out to make the honest feel extra special.

Setting up at an Australian shopping center, the bank invented its own special lost property booth, then set a trap: a pair or “lost” sunglasses. Then the folks involved sat back and waited for someone to take the bait. It wasn’t out to catch a thief, though—just the occasional honest citizen.

Anyone who brought the lost property back to the booth were in for a surprise: a massive public display of thanks. Now, whether that was a reward or an uncomfortable amount of attention is in the eye of the beholder, but you can’t say it wasn’t impressive.

You can see one of the resulting ads right here:

Here’s the question, though: was this set up itself honest? Or did NAB use a little movie magic to make this happen? The truth is out there, but I want to believe.

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