Music Videos from Oreo and Space

Music videos are one of those “safe bets” on YouTube. Popular songs can easily pull in millions of views, and last year’s Gangnam Style was the first to beat a billion. It’s rapidly approaching its second billion, too.

Of course, like baby videos and cat videos, it’s not easy to tap into that viewership for marketing. Oreo may have the right idea, however: the brand worked with Adam Young, also known as Owl City, to produce a song and video extolling the wonders of its humble creme and chocolate cookie. Just another brilliant step in Oreo’s recent marketing efforts.

The Wonderfilled Anthem might be a delight, but it can’t compete with this week’s other big music video: Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield’s cover of Space Oddity from the International Space Station. Over the first half of 2013, Hadfield has managed to make space exciting in a way that may even surpass NASA’s mohawk guy Bobak Ferdowsi, sharing videos of mundane day to day space experience, tweeting and connecting with fans on Facebook and Reddit and now sending us a music video from space. Space exploration may not be a brand, but Hadfield sure used his five months on the ISS to promote the heck out of it. Gawker Media’s Gizmodo has even credited him with making us care about astronauts again.

And man… what a goodbye to the ISS this was, with over 11 million views so far this week alone. Even the guitar brand Hadfield features in the video has had a chance to shine, reposting to show off that it, too, has been to space.

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