Mall Proposal Goes Bad, Goes Viral

You know those adorably awkward ads of couples getting engaged in public places, maybe with a musical performance or a flash mob of some sort? It’s the stuff of movie magic, and it’s super exciting when it happens in real life.

Well, not every proposal is quite that magical, as the newest in viral marriage proposal videos shows. The encounter, reportedly filmed at The Forum shopping center in Bangalore, India, shows a young man declaring his undying love in a crowded mall to a less-than-thrilled young woman.

The video’s unexpected ending has seen it passed around by thousands of people, but while it might be a more realistic take on what happens when you spring such an important question on an unsuspecting partner, it’s probably not real. A lengthy cameo from a mall train emblazoned with the logo of Cadbury’s Bournville dark chocolate suggests that the brand might just have had something to do with the video. Cadbury currently denies the link, though, so who knows.

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