JetBlue Bets on the Election

The U.S. election is a touchy subject, one that marketers need to navigate carefully. No matter how red or blue your customers are, there’s always the risk of alienating the rest with partisanship. But that doesn’t stop some companies from taking advantage of the topic that’s on every mind leading up to November 6.

JetBlue has gone a bit tongue-in-cheek with its election campaign. You probably know the people it’s reaching out to—the ones who are always about to move to Canada or Europe if their candidate doesn’t win. They never seem to go, do they? Maybe it’s because they need a little help—and if so, JetBlue is willing to provide it. Call it Election Protection.

To take part, JetBlue customers enter their candidate of choice and the country they’ll flee to if he loses. The airline has plenty of compelling destinations, and they’re more than happy to tout that fact—currently Costa Rica is in the lead. Come the moment of truth, 1006 winners with the losing candidate will get their trip to a (hopefully) friendlier climate.

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