Intel and Toshiba find the Beauty Inside

Intel and Toshiba have put together a fascinating online film project. It’s called The Beauty Inside, and it’s about a person who could be just about anyone. As such, just about anyone can star.

The series is directed by Drake Doremus, and stars Topher Grace as the narrator, Alex, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as the love interest. But Alex can’t have an ordinary love life, because he never knows who he’ll be from day to day.

It’s a fascinating setup, and the brands are doing some very cool things with it. The film itself is professionally produced with professional actors—but the video blogs are created by the audience. Viewers take to Facebook to audition with their very own take on Alex’s video diaries. Some of the auditions lead to clips in the film. Others play Alex on the project’s Facebook page.

Take some time to peruse the Facebook page, if you can. Despite knowing Alex’s fictional status, and despite his lack of a consistent identity, viewers seem to be forging connections with him. He shares his stories, and they share their own—encouraging him, questioning him, asking for his advice. That “Alex” is so good about responding doubtlessly helps.

You can check out the trailer below. If you want to see more, click through to the Facebook page or YouTube where the links to the first few episodes are posted.

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