Hello Flo Changes the Marketing Game

This week’s viral ads go out to the ladies in the audience.

You see, there’s been a bit of a backlash against ads for women’s hygiene products in recent months. They have this tendency to be all about euphemisms and visual metaphors, and not at all about the matter at hand. Riding horses, swimming, running about in white dresses—not exactly the things women picture when they think about their periods.

Back in October, this came up on Bodyform’s Facebook wall, when a customer’s rant went a bit viral. The company responded—with great humor—in a video ad. Not only did that ad get shared around the Internet, it’s still getting picked up and shared today.

Here it is: be warned, there is frank discussion of bodily functions ahead.

This week, however, things took a even franker turn. The Camp Gyno features a pre-teen girl chatting proudly, cheerfully and yes, bluntly about her period. It just isn’t done, and yet several million views in a matter of days suggests that maybe it ought to be.

Give it a watch if you can, but do take care—the language is graphic.

The ad was done for tampon delivery service Hello Flo, and was produced by Hayden 5 Media.

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