Dove Helps Women See Their Own Beauty Through the Eyes of a Stranger

Dove has been running its Campaign for Real Beauty for nearly a decade, helping women see the difference between the beauty myth we all attempt to adhere to and the beauty found without careful photography, post-processing and hours of styling. The campaign’s newest ad is quite possibly its best to date: it shows women the stunning difference between how they see themselves and how others see them.

The concept behind the ad is simple but powerful. A group of women are brought into a room with a forensic sketch artist who isn’t able to see them. They describe themselves to that sketch artist, and he prepares images of them based on their own descriptions. Then strangers are brought in, ones who spent time with the women. They describe the women they met to the sketch artist, and he prepares images based on those descriptions.

Finally, both images are revealed, and the women who “modelled” for the artist get to see themselves with the exaggerated negatives they described, and the softer, more beautiful versions of themselves others see.

If you’ve ever stood in front of a mirror and fixated on your flaws (and who hasn’t?), this ad will resonate. Take a look:

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