Domino’s Funds Innovation Through Indiegogo

It may be that the next wave of retail innovation comes from crowdsourcing—while sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are entrenched in e-commerce, a few retail brands have already grown from early crowdfunded projects.

Domino’s sees another avenue for established brands to get involved with crowdfunding: sponsorship. Its Powered by Pizza campaign connects it with those involved in the crowdfunding game, both as backers and as innovators. The idea, that great innovation is always fuelled by pizza, might be a bit of a stretch—but the execution is more than a bit brilliant.

Part one, its ‘Pizzavestors’ program, is a gimmick: 30 startups in the U.S. were treated to a $500 Domino’s Pizza gift card to fuel their creativity.

Part two, on the other hand, sees the restaurant brand team up with Indiegogo to offer ‘Powered by Pizza’ perks on certain crowdfunding campaigns, giving funders the chance to back an innovative, exciting project in exchange for Domino’s gift cards.

Since most crowdfunding attempts live or die by the appeal of their backer perks, the rewards or products funders receive in exchange for their support, this could be a huge step into a brave new world of corporate sponsorship in crowdfunding.

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