Dermablend Picks the Right Model for its Job

Cosmetics ads aren’t known for their viral potential, but Dermablend has made a stylish and clever video that has proven the exception to that rule.

We’re going to have to spoil the surprise, so if you want to get the full effect of the ad, watch it here before you read the rest our commentary:

So here’s what Dermablend did: they brought in Rick Genest, known as Rico the Zombie or ‘Zombie Boy.’ He’s a well known figure in the body modification community for his rather extensive tattoos. The shock value of the tattooed revelation is a powerful lure for viral sharing, but this is also a very effective ad campaign. If Dermablend can cover up Rico the Zombie’s tattoos, imagine what it can do for you. The folks with tattoos and those in the body mod scene can be sure that Dermablend’s products will work for their needs, too, and they’ll be even likelier to see this ad as it gets passed around.

Oh, and it certainly helps that Genest is an fit, attractive young model, no?

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