Criminals Don’t Have to Read Your Mind

There may be no true psychics or mind readers out there (certainly, no one’s collected on the millions they are due if there are), but there are a number of very talented cold readers. These people make an art of convincing other to tell them everything about a deceased loved one without ever realizing what they’re giving away. It’s an interesting skill, one that’s becoming less and less necessary in this era of over-sharing. Why jump through the hoops when you can learn everything about a person on Facebook, Twitter and Google?

That’s the point of this week’s viral video, which has amassed millions of views in the past week. If your entire life is online, how easy would it be for a criminal to get access to your banking data? Is it protected by your address? Your mother’s maiden name? Your birth date? And can you say with confidence that you’ve never shared that information with any unreliable website or service?

Hence, the safer online banking campaign, created by the Belgian Financial Sector Federation. And this video, which is definitely a bit of a fright.

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