Coca Cola Makes the World a Little Smaller

Coca Cola’s taken on a few uphill battles with its advertising campaigns, bringing joy and happiness where you might least expect it. We’re not sure they’ve ever tried anything quite this audacious, though.

The brand approached the rather difficult subject of tensions between India and Pakistan with its usual charm and simplicity. After speaking with individuals on both sides of the border, the company put matching machines in cities in both countries. These were designed to work in concert – when individuals on both sides cooperated, they’d be rewarded with a Coke. Not only that: webcams were set up so people on both sides could share, enjoy and celebrate the connection.

According to International Business Times, the plan worked very well:

“The special machines were put in shopping malls in Lahore in Pakistan and New Delhi in India in March. ‘When the machines came on, there was just this really powerful energy — laughter, smiles, cheers,’ said Jackie Jantos Tulloch, Coke’s creative director, who was in the New Delhi mall when the machines were activated.

‘People were waving frantically to each other because the idea of this type of seamless, live interaction is so unusual.’ The participants also exchanged smiling faces and peace signs with their counterparts in the other nation. Afterwards, they were rewarded with a free can of Coke.”

It might not bring world peace, but Coca Cola and agency Leo Burnett’s Small World Machines have done their bit to make the world seem smaller, and to bring people closer.

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