Carrie Ad Unleashes Firestorm of Attention

There is one viral video at everyone’s fingertips this week. It’s not a music video, it contains no particularly adorable babies or cute animals doing foolish things. It’s blatantly an advertisement, and it’s picked up over 20 million views in two days. That’s almost like… magic.

Of course we all know magic isn’t real, but that’s easy to say when you aren’t seeing it face to face and in person. According to the tale of this viral video, that’s just the treatment a number of coffee shop customers received as part of this marketing campaign for the upcoming film remake of Carrie. They saw a girl unleash an unexpected telekinetic attack with some better-than movie magic. No CG required.

It’s an elaborate stunt, and the video walks viewers through it step by step. The hardware put in place, the actors in position, and then all the action—and customer reactions.

You think that might make people argue less about whether or not the ad was staged but no—there’s still much debate about whether the customer reactions are real. Doesn’t seem to be hurting the ad’s popularity, though.

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