Cadbury Takes AR Marketing to the Next Level

It seems like just yesterday that we were all wowed by the potential of QR codes in marketing. It’s still quite cool to work with them to allow shoppers to dig deeper into marketing materials and campaigns, but imagine letting shoppers interact with marketing directly. Cadbury has teamed up with Blippar to let its customers do just that.

Using a freely available iPhone or Android app, people who buy Cadbury chocolate bars can use the wrappers to play a game that layers itself right over the real world. If they open the app and point their cameras at the wrapper, a digital game reveals itself on screen as though it were connected directly with the wrapper. After playing the game, they can submit scores to win prizes from Cadbury and other Blippar partners.

This isn’t the most complex integration we could imagine. The game itself seems a bit simple and childish, and for smartphone users who are used to having a variety of exciting, original games at their fingertips it probably won’t have a lot of staying power. But as a first-generation novelty, it’s pretty amazing. Markerless augmented reality (where an augmented reality layer can be overlaid contextually on the real world without using any sort of barcode marker) is a still quite a new technology, and its potential is exciting. Imagine being able to layer maps, directions and promotion info over the hallways of your shopping center without having to deal with signage — we’re a step closer to that reality, now. Hard to say whether Blippar and its Blipps will be the ones to harness the technology in that direction, but we can’t wait to find out.

Here’s a video showing off a little of what Blippar’s tech can do today:

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