BMW Brings Up the Big Question

Want your viral marketing efforts to spark conversations that will last for months or years? The trick to keep YouTube viewers talking about your video is to make them ask big questions, like “is this real life?”

BMW has pulled that trick off nicely with this video advertising the new BMW S1000 RR superbike. The video exploded to nearly 2 million views (on a single YouTube upload) in a matter of days. Not that we’d recommend it as a pastime, but if you take a look at the comments, you’ll see that those that aren’t spam or completely offensive are fixated on one thing: how they faked it. Was it glue? Fishing line? How did BMW do it?

They might never know, but they’ll keep asking and watching. People are still trying to debunk Matt’s trip around the world (from the very real Where the Hell is Matt?) 30+ million views and nearly 2 years later. It’s the one question viewers never seem to tire of.

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