Big Winners at the Super Bowl

Does anyone watch the Super Bowl for football any more? The Super Bowl ads are so much of an event, they’re being put online before the big show even airs. Thousands of blog-hours are dedicated to dissecting the winners and losers – and we can’t help but contribute a little.

There were plenty of iffy ads this year, as always, but two in particular are being singled out for praise. The first is the big winner of the night (did you think it was the Packers?) was Volkswagen. Uploaded to YouTube 4 days before the Super Bowl, it’s picked up over 23 million views online so far, on top of the 111 million Super Bowl viewers. The little guy playing Darth Vader, six-year-old Max Page, has been featured on television interviews daily since.

Chrysler’s ad wasn’t quite as popular – it’s just hit 4.5 million views – but it’s got a lot of buzz. There’s been a lot of talk about the death of Detroit, with automakers failing and factories closing. Chrysler reminds everyone that Detroit still has plenty of strength. Eminem features heavily in the ad. Since he’s a Michigan native in the midst of a major comeback, he’s a nice symbolic choice for the revival of Detroit automakers.

  • Dmurray

    It’s spelled Michigan.

  • Nissa

    Oh, that’s embarrassing. Thanks for catching that!

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