The Big Ads of 2009

It’s been a good year for viral advertising, with viewership numbers continuing to skyrocket.

The top viral ad of the year, by far, was Evian Baby Rollers. We talked about it back in July, and since then it’s picked up somewhere around 35 million views across several video sites. It’s going to take something pretty impressive to knock this video off its throne. We still find it a bit unsettling, though.

Next up is the T-Mobile Dance. This feel-good, flash mob style ad had picked up 2 million views when we posted about it in January. Now it’s had upwards of 20 million views. Can you believe these numbers? It still makes us smile, too.

Heineken had a huge hit on its hands with “Walk-In Fridge.” It looks like we missed this one (though we certainly enjoyed it, along with several popular spoofs). Check it out here:

And in a bit of a surprise, Cadbury Eyebrows ended up being hugely popular, amassing about 10 million views across platforms (we still prefer the drumming gorilla).

For our final viral video of the year, something that is neither brand-new or an ad, but should make your day (and with only a 17 second investment). It has over 12 million views on YouTube alone, but we’ll bet some of those are repeat viewings:

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