Beyoncé Helps the UN Make the World a Better Place

We talk a lot about videos that get views in the hundreds of thousands or the millions. But here’s the thing about viral spread: none of these videos, no matter how big they get, can ever compete with the top music videos on YouTube for views. For every viewer checking out a cool viral ad, a dozen are currently listening to their favorite songs through the video sharing site.

But what if you hitched your wagon to one of those mega-sized video stars? That’s what the United Nations did last month for World Humanitarian Day. The organization worked with Beyoncé to tie its brand message in with the singer’s newest single, I Was Here.

The two couldn’t work better together. World Humanitarian Day is about doing something good for someone else. Something, anything, anywhere. And Beyoncé’s song is about living a life that brings value to the world and the people in it, that makes things better for the people around her.

So the UN took on Beyoncé’s message, making “I Was Here” the motto of the campaign. And in turn, the singer promoted the campaign. She starred in one video talking about the campaign and encouraging people to sign up. That one’s done fairly well, with views in the hundreds of thousands. She also released an official video for I Was Here, one that saw her performing at the UN to a backdrop that featured both the campaign logo and compelling scenes of people helping others. It also promotes the date and website for the campaign. That video has over six million views today, and that number will grow, and grow, and grow. And many of those views will help cement the UN’s message in listener’s minds.

Here’s the video that promotes the campaign message:

And here’s the music video. Judge for yourself—which one is more effective?

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