Belgian Authority Promotes Safer Banking

Online privacy is on everyone’s minds these days, thanks to Edward Snowden, PRISM and similar revelations coming from governments around the world. But before we were worried about what the government was doing with our information, there was always the concern over what other private citizens might do, a fact that Belgian financial sector federation Febelfin wants to remind everyone not to take for granted.

It’s done so with a disturbing and effective ad crafted by agency Duval Guillame Modem. In this follow up to last year’s Mind Reader, a sinister bank representative uses a combination of publicly available information and email phishing to not just steal a Belgian man’s money, but also to infiltrate his life.

The message, that we should never share our financial data, even by telephone, is a strong one, but it certainly wins extra points for the way it’s shared. The execution is positively creepy. The video directs viewers to, where helpful tips can be found.

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