Angry Birds Heads to Space

So here’s a viral advertising tactic that’s a little out of reach for just about everyone: Rovio, the creators of the Angry Birds game series, teamed up with NASA to market Angry Birds Space from, well, space.

Yes, you read that correctly. NASA astronaut Don Pettit pitched the game from the International Space Station, bringing an Angry Birds-themed physics lesson into the mix. In some ways this is a great idea. NASA has been hurting for budget dollars and has lost much of its public profile, and hitching its star to Angry Birds is a fantastic way to reach millions of children. And of course, Rovio gets the honor of being advertised from orbit. But goodness if it doesn’t all seem a little mercenary.

What do you think? Is this clever stunt successful? 8 million views and counting seem to suggest it is.

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