AMC’s Nightmarish Zombie Prank

The Walking Dead is back. AMC’s hit zombie apocalypse series returned for the remainder of its fourth season this month, and its promotional team hit the streets of New York to remind viewers in the most terrifying way possible.

Maybe that’s why these promotional stunts always seem to take place in New York—after all, you’d need a pretty unflappable population to get away with something like this. The team replaced a pair of sidewalk grates with custom jobs and filled the spaces below with folks decked out as zombies. Imagine walking down the street, minding your own business and having zombies reach up from beneath your feet to grab you—some of us are scared to walk on those grates to begin with, you know?

The people in the official video all seem surprisingly okay with this turn of events, leading some to think the whole thing was faked. Either way, it makes good nightmare fuel for those of us watching at home—just like the show that inspired it.

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