10:10 Mistake Goes Viral

Here’s an ad that’s gone very viral this month. It’s grabbed a ton of attention, hundreds of thousands of views over several uploads, and plenty of media attention.

The only problem? The reaction to the video was so overwhelmingly negative that the group behind it pulled the video offline almost immediately, and apologized for its existence within days.

The video was created for 10:10, a global environmental campaign. The campaign itself is noble: 10:10 wants everyone to reduce their carbon emissions by 10% a year, starting this year on October 10th. Unfortunately, the video didn’t quite make their point. Instead, it takes a rather self-congratulatory tone, and implies that anyone who doesn’t care enough to participate should be killed – even kids.

Though the video has resulted in a lot of angry talk about eco-fascism, eco-terrorism, propaganda, and so on, it seems pretty obvious that the creators don’t really believe in their own violent imagery. It’s all shock value, which still sells. But while the video might have amused the converted, it’s alienated a lot of people on the fence with its “join us or die” message. Not a great way to spread the cause of environmentalism.

Here’s the video. Be warned: It’s extremely violent and gory. Don’t watch it if you’re uncomfortable with blood.

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