Tech Brands Look Back

We’re in an exciting time for tech fans: there’s something new to look forward to on a near-weekly basis. Apple just announced its newest iPad and MacBook updates, Sony and Microsoft both have new video game consoles coming out in the next month and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear is kicking off the wearables-craze in a big way.

All these new things have a rich history, however, and it’s that history that two brands are reflecting on in popular new ads.

The Playstation 4 is building on 18 years of brand memories and bringing a tear to the eye of many a gamer with this ad, which is riddled with nostalgic artifacts of the past two decades.

Samsung faces a different challenge with a device that’s more or less first to market. The nostalgia it’s tapping is purely fictional, focusing on its efforts to bring the fantasy technology of the past to life in the present.

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