Robina Town Centre Reboots its Virtual Change Room

Much has been made of virtual change room technology over the last year or two. As with any modern tech, it’s evolved quickly, getting better, more precise and more realistic all the time. It won’t be long until it graduates from gimmick to necessity, we’d bet.

Robina Town Centre brought its Virtual Change Room to Australia back in March. The Kinect-powered change booth was popular during its short stay, so the center has brought it back just as soon as it could. But this time, it’s coming with a few new features.

First up is a children’s section. Brand new software was employed to handle the younger set’s smaller frames. This could be the single biggest selling feature for the virtual change room, in fact—avoiding most of the change room struggle with unhappy youngsters and instead entertaining them with technology that looks and works a lot like their favorite games.

The selection for grown-ups will be a little more localized this time around, with hand-picked looks from Robina Town Centre resident style guru, Kathryn Edmonds.

“It’s perfectly timed for the first Spring/Summer 2012 fashion drop. The new season is all about bold florals, creamy soft pastels and lace and we’re also seeing the emergence of a mermaid style, aquatic trend which is particularly striking,” she said. “People are now smarter about the way they shop; they want to make sure they’re investing in the right pieces and I’m excited to make an easy process even easier.”

The final upgrade is one that’s becoming an industry standard: the ability to share images on Facebook. Shoppers can get a second, third or thirtieth opinion before pulling out the plastic. They can also share their customized wishlists by email or SMS. As a bonus, shoppers who share socially are entered to win a $2000 Robina Town Centre shopping spree.

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