Zales Challenges Shoppers to Show Modern Love for Moms

410zalesMother’s Day is just a month away in North America, which means shoppers are just beginning to consider that they might need to do some shopping. Zales is hoping to capture a little of that piqued interest with a social media campaign.

By “social media” campaign, we don’t just mean a marketing campaign doled out through social channels. No, this one is actually about social media, and one very peculiar practice in particular: the way so many of us blackball our own mothers on sites like Facebook.

The jewelry retailer is asking its fans to do something about that little problem with its Friend Your Mom competition. It’s one small part of the larger Let Mom Shine campaign, which will sweep the brand’s YouTube and Pinterest presences as well.

The Facebook contest is something of a missed opportunity—a simple contest sign-up instead of something that actual brings moms into the fun. The idea is fantastic, though, isn’t it? What better way to show Mom you love her than finally accepting her Facebook friend request?

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