Westfield Australia Adopts Biometrics

509watchmansWestfield shopping centers across Australia have recently switched over to a brand new key control and management solution. It may not be the most glamorous subject, but it’s pretty cool tech.

The solution was developed for Westfield by Blue Glue and Morse Australia. It’s a biometric security system that lets pre-approved personnel easily access authorized locations using fingerprint biometrics. Neat, eh?

“Key control and management is an essential element in administering the security aspects of a large retail property,” said Alan Jones, Director, BlueGlue P/L. “The integrated solution we devised for Westfield puts together Morse Watchman’s state-of-the-art key control with biometric technology and real time, centralized remote monitoring for an optimized system to enhance the security of back-of-house and operational areas.

More or less, that means that authorized contractors, consultants and others can avoid the hassle of signing in and waiting around for a key to be issued. After-hours emergencies can be addressed more easily because they’ll be able to access keys without waiting for property managers—once they’re registered and fingerprinted, they’ll have appropriate and accountable access to the keys they need.

The Morse Watchmans system has been in place at many Westfield properties over the last ten years. It keeps keys locked up securely with an integrated chip, and releases them individually to authorized users. Adding fingerprint recognition to the systems takes the automation a step further.

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