West Edmonton Mall’s Mystery Lockers

Does anything say “Back to School” like lockers? I was still having nightmares about forgetting my combination years after graduation. But West Edmonton Mall has turned that stress right on its head: it has a set of lockers that are full of favorite things for lucky shoppers.

But to get into any good locker you need a combination, and these ones are locked tight. To get their hands on a combination, shoppers need to text UNLOCK to the center’s messaging service. In return, they’ll receive a combination. They can take that combination down to the center (driving foot traffic, of course), and try it on the lockers. If any of the doors open, everything inside is theirs.

The prizes in the lockers are pretty impressive, too. $1000 RESPs, clothes, gift certificates, concert tickets and more. Pictured is one lucky winner who took home $840 in prizes, including Ke$ha tickets. Another winner took home a bundle that included the season’s hottest accessory, an iPad 2. That’ll definitely make back-to-school shopping more fun.

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