Walgreens Makes Walking Extra Rewarding

We’ve posted a couple links here about the concept of “gameification,” that is, using game design techniques to motivate and encourage people in real life activities.

Walgreens has wholeheartedly embraced this idea with a new initiative: Walk with Walgreens. It’s a web community focused on daily walks. Walgreens shoppers can sign up, take walks, and earn rewards in the form of coupons and deals.

The retailer makes it easy for shoppers to earn rewards. They can register on the Walk with Walgreens microsite and start tracking walks. There are two ways to track steps: for those without a pedometer, the site includes a Google Maps integration that will calculate steps taken on a given route. Those with a pedometer can just track steps themselves, and for those that lack one and want one, Walgreens offers a convenient coupon.

As participants reach step milestones, the site offers them special deals, coupons and freebies. Walgreens also selects four active walkers each week to reward with a $100 gift certificates.

The site isn’t all about playing the walking game, though. There’s also a large volume of more traditional motivational techniques. Allison Sweeney, host of The Biggest Loser, stars in videos that encourage and educate participants, and a number of other fitness gurus are on board, blogging and writing about getting fit.

Is it working? It sure seems like it. Over 2 billion steps have already been logged.

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